• Anthem’s Mobile App Update

    Anthem has a nifty mobile app whereby employees can view claims, search for prescriptions and providers, and have an electronic copy of their ID card. This app, called Sydney Health, just got a face lift. Getting your employees to use the mobile app is an easy way to increase the satisfaction members have with your… Read more

  • Health Insurance Premium Rate Relief

    Here in Georgia Anthem is providing some premium rate relief for certain products because of the pandemic. I received the following information from Anthem: Anthem, the Georgia Chamber SMART Plans and Georgia FARM Bureau Health Care Plans continue to look for ways to provide support and financial relief to you and your employees during the… Read more

  • Humana Go365 Relief

    Our health insurance agency has a large block of business with Humana. In our opinion they have one of the best wellness programs out there. Because of the pandemic Humana is making it easier for employees to have their workouts qualify for Humana’s Go365 wellness plan. Permanent changes: Temporary changes through 2020: Make sure to… Read more

  • Anthem Extended Open Enrollment for Group Health Insurance

    Anthem just released information related to extending enrollment opportunities to individuals who had previously declined enrolling in their employer’s group health insurance plan. Certain relief was also provided for continuation of a person’s medical insurance. Anthem writes: Our primary focus is our members’ health and well-being, and making sure they have access to the care… Read more

  • Covid

    There is nothing to like about Covid. So far I am aware of five employees or dependents of our group medical insurance clients who have come down with the disease. None have resulted in death, but that’s not the issue. I have been pleased with how the insurance companies our agency represents have handled the… Read more

  • A day in the life…

    I thought it would be fun to start a little series of posts on what a typical day in the life of a health insurance broker in Atlanta is like. It’s not unusual to work 15 or 20 five minute tasks in a day. We will always have someone contacting us with a request or… Read more

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