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Do you worry that you picked the wrong health insurance plan last year?  It’s easy to do.  

Obamacare has made things more complex and confusing.  You need an experienced Atlanta health insurance agent on your side.  

It pays to work with our insurance agency.  You pay the same premiums working with us as buying direct.  If you buy direct the insurance company just keeps the commission money they would have paid to us – and you don’t get our helpful advice. 

Our friendly health insurance agents make the process simple by answering these questions for you:

  1. Which insurer is best for me?
  2. Do I qualify for any premium assistance?
  3. Are my doctors included on the insurance company’s list?
  4. Which plan provides the best balance of premium cost versus out-of-pocket costs (copays, deductible, etc.)?

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We are certified to sell policies on the Federal health insurance exchange ( and have software that makes this process quick and easy.  As an independent insurance broker we represent the best insurance companies in Georgia.  These include:

  • Aetna
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of GA (BCBSGA)
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Humana
  • United Healthcare

The 2017 Annual Open Enrollment period starts November 1, 2016 and ends January 31, 2017.  If you don’t purchase a policy during open enrollment then you have to suffer a “Qualifying Life Event” in order to gain coverage.  Qualifying Life Events include an involuntary loss of employer coverage, a change in family size (marriage, birth, adoption, death or divorce), and loss of coverage due to a permanent move.

Don’t go it alone. 

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