Short and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Losing your ability to earn a living is a catastrophic risk that should be covered by disability insurance.  There are two major types of disability insurance.

  • Short-term disability insurance.  Short-term disability insurance is designed to pay a disabled employee a percentage of his or her pre-disability income for 13 to 26 weeks depending on the terms of the plan.  At Angus McRae Insurance our philosophy is that a short-term disability is not a catastrophic risk.  We recommend that you cover the catastrophic risks of medical and long-term disability before spending scarce dollars on short-term disability.  Encourage your employees to save up to three months of take-home pay. 
  • Long-term disability insurance.  Imagine the financial impact to you and your family if you were to suffer a significant medical condition such as a brain injury or paralysis.  Long-term disability insurance is designed to pay a portion of pre-disability income for an extended period of time – to Social Security normal retirement age in most plans we sell.  There are a number of plan provision that an experienced disability insurance broker will include in a group benefits plan. Let us start helping you today.

How much is disability insurance?  Less than you think!  Our independent insurance agency in Georgia can get you a free disability insurance quote.  

Angus McRae Insurance works extensively with attorney firms and physician practices building comprehensive disability plans that include both group disability insurance as well as individual disability insurance products.  

Disability insurance for physicians and attorneys often times have unique characteristics such as own specialty definitions of disability.  Our agents will design a comprehensive disability solution that meets the needs of your staff.

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