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Our job is to make your job easier.  It’s as simple as that.

As an Atlanta insurance agency, we analyze the workflow of your employee benefits package and find ways to make it more efficient.  Often times that means converting the enrollment process to an electronic one – where employees complete enrollment forms online.

Employees love having a dedicated employee benefits web portal that they can access 24-7.  We build, free of charge, two web portals for each of our clients.  One is for you, the plan administrator, and the other is for your employees.

Plan Administrator Web Portal.  On this page we have centralized all of the things you need on a day-to-day basis – sample email text for new hires, your employee web portal, an electronic form to terminate a plan member, a link to secure payroll deduction report, and log-in access to your HR360 account.

Employee Benefits Web Portal.  Employees can use this page to view your employee benefits, premium rates and to electronically apply for coverage.

The success of your employee benefits is dependent on being administered in an accurate and efficient manner.  Allow us to start helping you now.

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