Patient Advocacy

Have you ever received a doctor’s bill and not known if you should pay it or not?  Most of us have.  

Claims and billing problems are usually resolved pretty quickly.  But there are plenty of situations where you need the help of an experienced health insurance broker.  Our Atlanta health insurance agency has handled thousands of problem claims and billing issues.  We speak the language of doctors and insurance companies and can quickly get to the root of a problem.

Here are some examples of problems we have handled:

  • For years an employee was receiving a very expensive medication and it was being paid for by the insurer.  The insurer then tried to deny the drug saying it was an experimental drug for the patient’s condition.  We were able to convince the insurer that it was incorrect to deny our client this important medication.  
  • An insurer improperly enrolled a dependent spouse in life insurance.  The individual passed away.  Even though the person should not have been enrolled in the coverage we got the insurer to pay the $50,000 life insurance claim.
  • One of our small group employee benefits clients was diagnosed with an unusual form of cancer.  We worked with them to find specialists in other states that accepted their insurance.  We ensured that the insurer had assigned a case manager in order to make the claims payment process much smoother.

You never know when a claims or billing problem with crop up.  It is our job to solve these difficult situations.  You and your staff should not be left to fend for yourselves.  Know that you can always count on our knowledgeable health insurance brokers to help.

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