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Exceptional Employee Benefits

Since 1992, the agents at Angus McRae have provided quality group and individual insurance products and services to Atlanta-area employers. We are an independent employee benefits agency and therefore are not beholding to one particular insurance company – we work for you! Our benefits consultants have years of insurance experience and can design a package that will meet the needs of your plan participants while still conforming to your budgetary requirements.

Solid Guidance

Thrive with the Affordable Care Act

Surviving the Affordable Care Act is enough of a challenge.  Angus McRae wants to help you thrive under the law.  Our benefits consultants understand the law.  We know how to minimize employer costs while still delivering a solid benefits package.  The ACA holds plenty of rules, notices, taxes and penalties.  It is our job as your insurance broker to guide you through this ACA maze.  We offer concrete advice and deliver exceptional employee benefits.

Technology and Service

In this day and age, providing superior benefits technology is a service employers expect.  Angus McRae delivers.  We help employers determine what works best for them – employee benefits web pages, online enrollment, and advice on HRIS systems.  Our high level of customer service sets us apart from other insurance brokers.  We give timely answers to complex questions.


Patient Advocacy

Believe it or not, insurance companies can make mistakes.  Our account executives know how to fix these problems for you and your plan participants.  Patient advocacy is one of the most important jobs we do.  We have years of experience bringing together patients, doctors, hospitals, and insurers – in order to get a claim correctly paid.  Your employees should not have to fight these battles alone.  We are there to help.

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