• Do You Need Help with an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (ESRP) / IRS Letter 226-J?

    Receiving a letter from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) can be a daunting experience for small businesses, especially when the one in question is Letter 226-J. Letter 226-J is a notice issued by the IRS to inform an employer that they may be liable for an Employer Shared Responsibility Payment (ESRP) under the Affordable Care… Read more

  • 2023 ACA Affordability Percentage: Understanding the Impact and Consequences for Employers

    The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a comprehensive healthcare reform law enacted in 2010. One of its primary goals is to ensure that health insurance is affordable and accessible to all Americans. The ACA affordability percentage is a vital component of the legislation that applies to many small businesses, and has been updated for 2023.… Read more

  • Humana’s Exit from Group Medical Insurance: What Georgia Policyholders Need to Know

    In a surprising move, health insurance giant Humana has announced its exit from the group medical insurance market. As one of the largest providers of group health insurance in the United States, this decision is expected to impact millions of policyholders, including those in Georgia. Many individuals and small businesses are now left with questions… Read more

  • 2023 FSA Contribution Limits

    Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are a valuable employee benefit that allows individuals to set aside pre-tax dollars for eligible health care and dependent care expenses. As we enter 2023, it’s essential for both employers and employees to be aware of the updated FSA limits, which can impact how much money can be contributed and used… Read more

  • Where to find insurance help…

    Well, we are neck deep in shopping our client’s group health insurance plans. By November 1st we will have (by state law) renewal rates for all our clients. We have started seeing some renewal offers come in the door. They are a mixed bag. Affordable Care Act plans. These are plans for fully-insured small group… Read more

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