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A day in the life…

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I thought it would be fun to start a little series of posts on what a typical day in the life of a health insurance broker in Atlanta is like. It’s not unusual to work 15 or 20 five minute tasks in a day. We will always have someone contacting us with a request or problem to solve. Here is a quick sample of what I’m working on today:

  • A group employer client that uses ADP for payroll needs to prove they have the proper Section 125 premium only plan documentation on file. Our insurance agency uses a system where we can produce a restatement document and summary plan description for our clients free of charge. Ten minutes later the client had a signature ready plan document and SPD in hand.
  • I handed over to our enrollment specialist, Ana, an employees request to add her newborn to coverage as well as a couple new hires. Ana will log into each insurer’s web site and process the enrollment change. I then receive confirmation that this has happened and inform the client.
  • An existing client is moving from a level-funded medical insurance plan with Humana back to an Affordable Care Act (ACA) plan with the same insurer. I spent a half-hour or so creating a benefit summary for their open enrollment meeting. This summary document is very useful in quickly informing employees of the key features of their employee benefits as well as the premium cost they will have to pay with each paycheck.

It is only 10:45 and there is much more that I will do today, but that’s just a favor of what we do as insurance agents on a daily basis.

Angus McRae

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