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Humana Go365 Relief

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Our health insurance agency has a large block of business with Humana. In our opinion they have one of the best wellness programs out there. Because of the pandemic Humana is making it easier for employees to have their workouts qualify for Humana’s Go365 wellness plan.

Permanent changes:

  • Self-submitted workouts: members can now get 10 Go365 Points for submitting proof of a virtual workout. As a reminder, if members get over 50 verified workout Points in a week (Sun-Sat), they get a 50 Point Bonus, and for over 100 verified workout Points in a week, they get a total of 100 Bonus Points.

Temporary changes through 2020:

  • Employer Sponsored Events: adults can now get up to 1,400 Points and children up to 400 Points for Employer Sponsored Events (ESE) through the end of 2020 only. This allows you to further encourage wellness participation by offering higher Point values, or more events. Get inspiration from our 100 ways to Engage Guide to launch and award ESE Points for wellness activities at your company.

Make sure to register for the Go365 Engagement source if you haven’t yet. You’ll be able to access Go365 tools, and receive monthly Employer Insider Newsletter communications with more program updates. Contact Humana at if you need registration assistance.

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