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Anthem’s Mobile App Update

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Anthem has a nifty mobile app whereby employees can view claims, search for prescriptions and providers, and have an electronic copy of their ID card. This app, called Sydney Health, just got a face lift.

Getting your employees to use the mobile app is an easy way to increase the satisfaction members have with your employee benefits plan. As your health insurance broker know we are standing by to lend a hand.

Here is the announcement from Anthem:

We’re making the Sydney Health app more informative and easier to use, based on how members use the app and what they’ve told us about their experiences with it.

Members want more information up front and they prefer a format that calls out important information and reminders. The new home page will display details on plan spending and deductibles, as well as claim status. Sharing plan details up front makes it easier for members to see everything at a glance. A rotating daily digest will show reminders and present tools for finding healthcare professionals and scheduling care.

Easy-to-read icons on the navigation buttons will help members find the information they need.

All of the changes will be featured in a What’s New section on the landing page to make it easier for members to understand how to use the new design. We’ll update the app later this month.

Search for Sydney Health in the app store. Call your Angus McRae benefits consultant with any questions.

Angus McRae

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