A day in the life…

… Of a health insurance broker in Atlanta never seems to disappoint! Payday is on the 15th so I spent the first part of the morning preparing payroll. In our office we use Paycor as the payroll administrator. I like the system quite a bit. I am named as an administrator on the payroll systems for many of our group clients. So I am familiar with the systems of Paycom, Paylocity, ADP, Gusto, etc. Of those, Paycor and Paylocity are my favorites. These two companies’ systems integrate very nicely with the insurance products we represent.

I spent much of the afternoon preparing benefit summaries for a new client – a 72 employee physician practice. The benefit summaries are used to educate employees as to their benefits, premium costs and other helpful plan provisions. The summaries our agency prepares are simple and to the point. They do a good job in making the complex understandable. It is important that an employer provide plan participants with the more detailed “summary of benefits and coverages,” certificates of insurance and other required notices. We make complying with those rules simple as well.

Interspersed throughout the day were a bunch of phone calls and emails. 5 minutes here and there. After being in business for almost 30 years we are thankful to be working for such a wonderful group of employers and their staff members.

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